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About SacraMentors

SacraMentors was originally a men's spirituality program which began in 1996, it has since expanded to include a women's spirituality program. They are both similar in content and presentation but given separately to allow for a deeper level of sharing that concerns each group. The program focus's on Forgiveness, Blessing, and Service, and allows the participant to enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus, our Father, and the Holy Spirit. SacraMentors is spreading throughout Western Washington to various parishes. There are currently active groups throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle.

The program is traditionally offered in a four week presentation format consisting of 3 Sunday afternoon seminars (3 hours each) and a 12 hour workshop on the following Saturday. This program is designed to allow men and women to begin or continue their own spiritual journey together with their parish brothers or sisters who have graduated from the seminar/workshop series. Once established in a parish the participants continue on their spiritual development by meeting on a weekly basis.

Please look at our Vision and Purpose page for more information.

You may also want to visit the In The Media pages which contains newspaper articles on the program which appeared in The Catholic Northwest Progress as well as a radio show interview by Father Bob Camuso with Jeff Smith, former Executive Director of SacraMentors. You can also get information on a more personal note on the Reflections page.

You may also contact us for more information or to discuss our program - you will find the Contact Us page helpful in this regard.

Our Blessings Newsletters are currently published quarterly. You can read the current and past issues online.

You may download a brochure to view or handout. It is in Adobe Reader format (download the reader free here if you do not have it) which is a plug-in for most browsers. It is meant to have a 1" hole punched in the front (the hole punch is available at many craft stores) so that the design shows through it.

For spiritual reading recommendations visit our library page, we are now conveniently linked to as an Associate. This allows you to order directly any recommended book from or search their site, just a click away!

The SacraMentors web site received the 1999 Catholic Website Award for Organizations.