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This section is devoted to your spiritual nourishment through various media that we have found helpful on our spiritual journey. Please browse and hopefully you will find something that may further you on your journey.

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Recommended Readings


We have linked to so that you may easily order these books if you so desire.

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Cornerstones of Faith

Catechism of the Catholic Church, Doubleday; 2nd edition, 2003
This is the official church doctrine. Quite informative and enlightening about our church, traditions, and scripture. This is newer edition which was revised in accordance with the official latin text and promulgated by Pope John Paul II
Catechism of the Catholic Church, U.S. Catholic Church, 1995, Doubleday
This version the same material as the above edition but in a slightly smaller "paperback" size.
The Catholic Bible: New American Bible/Personal Study,By Jean Marie Hiesberger (editor), 1995, Oxford University Press
I personally use this bible, and enjoy the extra information in the almost 500 pages in the Reading Guide.(Steve Egge)

Daily Devotionals

  Radical Grace - Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr, Edited by John Bookser Feister, 1995, St. Anthony Messenger Press
Daily meditations coordinated with the church calendar. The meditations are transcribed excerpts from various tapes that Fr. Rohr has produced. (Steve Egge)
Bread for the Journey: A Daybook of Wisdom and faith, Henri J.M. Nouwen, 1997, HarperCollins
A 365 daily reflection book by Fr. Nouwen which reflects the Catholic faith.
Daily Prayers for Busy People, William J. O'Malley, 1996, Saint Marys's Press.
A book with 30 days of prayers. (Peter Loveland)
More Daily Prayers for Busy People, William J. O'Malley, 2003, Saint Marys's Press. In updating the links to the books on this page, I discovered that there was a sequel! This is a 4 week cycle of morning, midday, and evening prayers. (Steve Egge)

Spiritual Nourishment

Against an Infinite Horizon - The finger of God in Our Everyday Lives, Ronald Rolheiser, 1996, The Crossroad Publishing Co. and 1995, Hodder & Stoughton (this is the cheaper of the two identical publications)
A book that discusses the struggles in our lives, marriages, and our relationship with Christ. (Steve Egge) Review
Life of the Beloved - Spiritual Living in a Secular World, Henri J.M. Nouwen, 2002, Crossroad General Interest; 10th Annv edition
A book that affirms us as children of God. He uses the analogy of communion to describe the movement of the Spirit in our lives: Taken, blessed, broken, and given. Now in a 10th Anniversary Edition. Our SacraMentors group took this book and read a chapter a week and used it for the study portion of our meeting. (Steve Egge)
The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming, Henri J.M. Nouwen, 1994, Image Books
A discourse on this famous parable that causes you to view it from all perspectives: father, younger son, older son and Heavenly Father.
Can You Drink the Cup, Henri J.M. Nouwen, 1996, Ave Maria Press.
An easy read reflecting on the cup containing all the sorrows and all of the joys of life. Written by an ordained priest who devoted much of his life to ministering to the handicapped. It will change the way you view the chalice at Mass forever. (Steve Egge)
The Experience and Language of Grace, by Roger Haight S.J., 1979, Paulist Press (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)

When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough By Harod Kushner, 2002, Fireside - this printing is a reissue of the 1987 work.
This book kelps you understand the reason why you always seem to want more, and how to come to peace with what you have. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)

Christian Spirituality--God's Presence Through the Ages by Richard Woods, 1996, St. Thomas More Press
(Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)

To Have or To Be, by Erich Fromm, 1996, Continuum Pub Group
A book that delves into the perils of attachments (to have) and gives insights into learning how "to be". (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)

Markings, by Dag Hammarskjöld, 1993, Ballentine Books
A book of meditations and devotional reading from this Swedish author. Hammarskjöld was elected Secretary-General of the United Nations in 1953 for a five-year term and reelected in 1957. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)
Community and Growth, by Jean Vanier, 1989, Paulist Press
A book that addresses our need for connectedness and community, in a world that tends to separate and divide us. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)
No Man is an Island, Thomas Merton, 1978, Harcourt Brace & Company,
I Encourage all SacraMentors to read this book. Use a supplement to the Book of Kindness. (Richard Casmier)
New Seeds of Contemplation, Thomas Merton, 1972, New Directions Paperback
An introduction to modern contemplation. Many short chapters with varying topics of faith, contemplation, and the forces around us. A Merton "classic"!
The Cloud of Unknowing and the Book of Privy Counseling, Edited By William Johnston, 1996, Image Books.
I read this book because it is referred to so often by today's great writers. This book was written by an unknown 14th century mystic and is a spiritual classic. This is a very readable translation from old English. It will help you in your prayer life. (Steve Egge) (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)
Open Mind Open Heart: The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel, Thomas Keating, 1986, Continuum
This book will help you pursue a deeper faith through introducing the method centering prayer and contemplation.
Papal Wisdom : Words of Hope and Inspiration from John Paul II, by Matthew E. Bunson (compiler), 1997, Plume.
The words of Pope John Paul II as taken from selected writings and speeches. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)

The apologia pro vita sua, by John Henry Cardinal Newman, 1995, Penguin Books, Reprint edition
(Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)

The Spirituality of Imperfection : Storytelling and the Journey to Wholeness, by Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketchem, 1994, Bantum Books
This book will help you spiritually by helping you understand who you are and the grace of your imperfections. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)

The God of Jesus Christ, by Walter Kaspar, 1986, Crossroad Publishing Co.
A Catholic Theologians writings on Christ. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)

Orthodoxy, by G.K. Chesterton, 1995, Ignatius Press.
Written by a a man who came to orthodox Christianity from agnosticism. In this book he puts forth the basis for his faith. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)
The Cost of Discipleship, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1995, Simon & Schuster.
A book about Grace, the cross, discipleship, and walking the footsteps of Jesus. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran pastor who opposed the Nazis in Germany, and was hung by them in 1945.. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)
A Life-Giving Vision : How to Be a Christian in Today's World, John Powell, S.J., 1995, Thomas More Press.
Using a healthy balance of psychology and theology this book examines twenty-four approaches to growing into the fullness of Christian life.
Addiction and Grace, By Gerald May M.D., 1991, Harper San Francisco
Written by a psychologist who will help you understand your attachments and addictions. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)
Good Goats - Healing our Image of God, Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn, Matthew Linn, 1994, Paulist Press.
A wonderful presentation of the Loving side of God. The God who shows us Agape Love.
The New Man, Thomas Merton,1978, Noon Day Press,
A book that adds to "Who we are" and should be in every SacraMentors library. (Richard Casmier) Review
The Way of a Pilgrim and The Pilgrim Continues His Way, Translated by Helen Bacovcin, 1978, Image
This is a great story of a poor Russian pilgrim and his journey to "pray always". It will also help you if you are interested in making "The Jesus Prayer" part of your spirituality. (Steve Egge)
The Purpose Drive Life, Rick Warren, 2002 ,Zondervan Publishing Company
Please read the review by Ron Rierson.

And God Said Play Ball, Gary Graf, 2005, Liguori/Triumph
I was fortunate enough to hear Gary talk at one of our SacraMentums. Our Archbishop Alex Brunett said of of Graf’s book, “’And God Said, Play Ball!’ is a good parable about life. Gary Graf’s love of baseball and love of his faith has helped him forge a vision of life that calls us to be thrilled by the challenges and opportunities that come our way in the nine innings of our lives”. (Steve Egge)

The Saints - Works by or about Them

Alphonsus Liguori: The Redeeming Love of Christ: Selected Spiritual Writings, by Alphonsus Liguori, Joseph Oppitz, 1996, New City Press
Practical writings on spirituality by St. Liguori (Richard Casmier) Review of similar book.
The Autobiography of Saint Therese of Lisieux : The Story of a Soul, Translated by John Beevers, 1987, Image Books.
"The Little Flower" who by her life story, inspires us to live closer to God. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)
Interior Castle by St. Theresa of Avila, Translated by E. Allison Peers 1972, Image Books
A book which will take you deeper in your spiritual life. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)
Following Francis of Assisi - Spirituality for Daily Living, Patti Normile, 1996, St. Anthony Messenger Press, 124 pages
A very easy read. You will feel you know St. Francis after reading this delightful book. (Richard Casmier)
Confessions of St. Augustine, By St. Augustine, Translated By Rex Warner, 1978, New American Library
Another spiritual classic. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)
Ascent of Mount Carmel by St. John of the Cross, this version has been "edited and mildly modernized" by Henry Carrigan Jr, 2002, Paraclete Press
Another book written by a spiritual mystic which will help in contemplation and prayer. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)


Fathering - Strengthening Connection With Your Children No matter Where You Are, Will Glennon, 1995, Conari Press.
This book is a collection of wisdom on fathering from interviews with 100 men. It contains helpful insights on Fathers, Fathering, and Father Wounds. It has a section devoted to men who have been separated from their children and how to father even in long distance relationships. (Steve Egge)
A Call to Peace: 52 Meditations on the Family Pledge of Nonviolence, Jim McGinnis, 1998, Liguori
52 meditations for the family with scriptural references, reflections, and meditations which are designed to bring us closer to the Peace Christ calls us to achieve. A wonderful way to lead your family in weekly meetings.

Grief and Loss

When Bad Things Happen to Good People By Harold S. Kushner, 1997, Avon
This book will help you come to terms with grief and loss when it doesn't make sense, as it never does. (Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso)
The Blessing, Gary Smalley & John Trent, Ph.D. 1986, Pocket Books.
A book that has been helpful to those struggling to heal wounds within the family.

Grief Recovery Handbook: A Step-By-Step Program for Moving Beyond Loss
, by John James & Frank Cherry,1989, Harper Collins
A genuinely helpful book in dealing with grief (Alan Wallaby) Review
(webmaster's note: now available in a revised edition, 1998)

Male Spirituality

  Wild Man's Journey: Reflections on Male Spirituality, By Richard Rohr and Joseph Martos, 1996, St. Anthony Messenger Press
A good discussion of being Male in today's world, by one of the foremost preachers on male spirituality, Fr. Rohr.
  From Wild Man to Wise Man: Reflections on Male Spirituality , by Richard Rohr & Joseph Martos, 2005, Saint Anthony Messenger Press
This is Fr. Rohr's latest book on male spirituality. it is more or less a revision of the Wild Man's Journey book with deletion of some chapters and revision and addition of others. The book has 25 short chapters (the average is 7 pages) and is perfect for group study and reflection. Our apostles group plans to discuss 1 - 2 chapters per week. (Steve Egge)
  Adam's Return : The Five Promises of Male Initiation, By Richard Rohr, 2004, Crossroad General Interest
This is a great book, the synthesis of Fr. Rohr's years of study of Male Initiation ceremonies from different cultures and times. A must read for men on their search to be grounded. (Steve Egge)

General Reading

The Art of Christian Listening

The Art of Christian Listening, Tomas N, Hart, 1980, Paulist Press
This book is grounded in the bible, psychologically sound, and consistent with the principals of spiritual direction. Recommended by Fr. Bob Camuso

Medjugorje: The Message, Wayne Wieble, 1989, Paraclete Press
This book is a powerful story of Wayne Wieble's conversion experience. It is as much about faith as it is Medjugorje. I personally had a difficult time putting this book down! (Steve Egge)