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This section is devoted to your spiritual nourishment through various media that we have found helpful on our spiritual journey. Please browse and hopefully you will find something that may further you on your journey.

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Internet Resources and Links

This page contains links to other sites on the web that you might find helpful on your spiritual journey. These are presented in rough alphabetical order.

Archdiocese of Seattle - The Archdiocese of Western Washington, USA and home of SacraMentors.

Catholic Information Center on Internet - This web site contains current catholic news as well as church documents.

Catholic News Service (CNS) - Our mission is to perform this task by reporting the news which affects Catholics in their everyday lives.

Catholic World News (CWN) - Catholic World News is an independent Catholic news service staffed by lay Catholic journalists, dedicated to providing accurate world news, written from a distinctively Catholic perspective.

The Catholic information network (CIN) - A good web site for Catholic information, and a good place to start on your web spiritual journey.

The Catholic New Agency (CNA) - CNA strives to provide free, up-to-the-minute news affecting the Universal Church, giving particular emphasis to the words of the Holy Father and happenings of the Holy See.

Catholic Online Media - This site links to Catholic news as well as providing a search engine for news articles American Catholic - Pope John Paul II

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - this site contains a great wealth of material. I enjoy the daily readings from the Lectionary as well as the Bishops letters on social justice. My son found the section on faithful citizenship and politics quite interesting as he embarked on his first job as a campaign manager for a state legislator who was a catholic and felt called to a political career this because of the churches teaching on this issue.

Daily Scripture Readings - from the National Conference of Catholic bishops - New American Bible text.

EWTN's searchable library - a great resource. You can search for a document by name, author, or keyword.

Unforgiveness is the Cause - From EWTN - An article by Father Al Lauer of Presentation Ministries. A great lesson and reminder for us all.

WHAT IS A BLESSING? - From EWTN - an article by Father William P. Saunders. In SacraMentors we talk quite a bit about being a blessing and being called to bless. This article will give you some insight as to what blessing is all about.

EWTN - Catholic Global Network - the parent directory of the Catholic Global Network. It contains many interesting documents and media presentations.

The National Catholic Reporter - National Catholic Reporter is an independent newsweekly. NCR makes a commitment to in-depth reporting of global peace and justice issues.

The Medjugorje Web - Many of my brothers from St. Andrew have visited Medjugore. This site contains information about the appearances of the Virgin Mary in Medjugore (SE).

Sacred Space - A daily meditation page based on scripture. Make a 'Sacred Space' in your day, and spend ten minutes, praying here and now, as you sit at your computer, with the help of on-screen guidance and scripture chosen specially every day. From the Jesuits in Ireland.

Taizé Community in France - A community of reconciliation, prayer, and song who live in union with each other and with God.

The Vatican Web site - this link will allow you to browse the Vatican and many of it's documents from afar. The center of the Catholic Church.

Western Catholic Reporter - A Canadian catholic newspaper that contains commentary on the scriptures and other interesting articles. My favorite is the "In Exile" articles by Ronald Rolheiser O.M.I. which are conveniently archived on this site. These articles are also published in The Catholic Northwest Progress (Washington State).