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Retreat Offerings

We are sorry, there are no Retreats scheduled at this time.


About the SacraMentors Retreats

The first SacraMentors Retreat was held on February 19, 20, 21, 1999. The second was on January 14-16, 2000. The Third was held on February 23, 24,& 25, 2001. See the Retreat 2001 page for a glimpse. On May 18th 2002 a one day renewal retreat was held at St. Anne's Parish. All participants have had a wonderful and unique retreat experience which has led to personal growth and a closer relationship to Jesus. Our second one day retreat was held June 5th 2004 with Fr. Jim Northrup at Holy Family Kirkland, again a wonderful time for reflection and growth in allowing the Holy Spirit into our lives. In June of 2005 we had a return to our roots with Fr. Bob Camuso and Lory Misel leading us on a two day retreat at the Palisades Retreat Center.

About the Leadership Retreats

There has been a tradition since 2002 of Annual SacraMentors Leadership retreat which is typically a one day event. The retreat is led by a facilitator who directs the process. The purpose of the retreat is to allow the Board of Directors to report on the exciting ways that the Holy Spirit has been working in the SacraMentors movement since our last retreat. More importantly, it is also an opportunity for personal reflection, spiritual growth, and recommitment to God and to each other. Although the retreat is aimed at our leadership (i.e., SacraMentors parish coordinators and trainers), anyone who is a SacraMentor is welcome to attend.