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These are large group gatherings of Men and Women SacraMentors and guests for worship, fellowship, faith sharing, and spiritual growth.

We are sorry, there are no SacraMentums scheduled at this time. They are normally quarterly so come back soon!



Information for the next SacraMentum will be posted here. Please come back and check often for our next event.
Below is some feedback about our last Sacramentum.

Retreat Delves into the Meaning of Lent

”What should I give up for Lent?” This is a question Catholics often find themselves asking as winter moves toward spring. With this in mind, on Saturday, February 25, 2006, approximately 40-50 people, a mix of SacraMentors and other groups, together began exploring the origins and purpose of these forty days in the wilderness. St. Francis of Assisi in Burien was the beautiful setting for this mini- retreat entitled “May They Be One As We Are One”. Local area Christian retreat ministers, Wes Howard-Brook and Sue Ferguson Johnson , a team of outstanding speakers, led the relevant-for-the-season presentation. Please see their contact information listed below.

Wes and Sue explained that in the first centuries of the church, to be baptized meant to become part of a new family: the Body of Christ. The process of discerning this call lasted for three years. To proclaim “Jesus is Lord” meant to reject the lordship of the emperor. Given the potential consequences, one didn’t make this profession of faith in Jesus lightly! The “elect” were prepared during the final weeks before Easter with intense prayer and Bible study. They came before the community for baptism naked, to express the “new birth” that commitment to Christ entailed.

As the church became part of the Empire with the “conversion of Constantine, the season we know as “Lent” was developed to help people remember the power of giving one’s whole life to God. During the morning, retreat participants continued their examination with a close look at Jesus’ word in John’s gospel, “May they be one as you and I are one.” (John 17.21) How do we practice the joyous discipline of Lent in ways that lead us into the experience of this unity in Christ? Wes and Sue led the participants to explore the depth of the ancient practices of fasting (making a space in our bodies and our lives to be filled by God alone), silence and solitude (taking time from our daily routines for intentional openness to God’s transformation) and examen (prayerful review of our daily experiences of ”desolation” and “consolation”).

The presenters concluded the event by sharing, “Lent, if we enter into it fully, can be a beautiful opportunity to be cleansed and purified by God, so that God’s glory can shine ever more brightly through each of us, so that the world may truly see that we are Jesus’ disciples.”

Two SacraMentors found the topic of Lent so engaging that they joined Wes and Sue’s Lenten series at St. Francis of Assisi on Thursday nights.

”Abide in Me” is the collaborative Christian ministry of Wes Howard-Brook and Sue Ferguson Johnson. To learn more concerning their ministry, to view a calendar of retreats and classes and read their published writings, please visit You can reach Wes at 425-369-8735 or email: You can reach Sue at 425-239-2293 or