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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you advise against changing the format of the weekly meetings?

The weekly meeting process works. It can almost be viewed as a prayer and as such it shouldn't be changed. What is happening in our lives provides the variety. Changing the format would draw you away from the prayerful process and be only a first step in further changes to the process.

I've lost my stone. How can I get it replaced?

Attend a regional commissioning ceremony where you will have the opportunity to meet new brothers and sisters and renew your commitment to the program.

I'm interested in the SacraMentor program but I'm not located in Western Washington. When will the program be available in my state?

The SacraMentor program is available to anyone. If you wish to bring it to your area, please use our contact form. At this point, you will need to come to Seattle to participate in the training series and obtain the necessary materials so you can correctly implement it. We are working on a DVD which will contain some of the training material, which will allow a small team to come to your location and start a group soon.

Is the SacraMentor program open to non-Catholics?

The program is intended for Catholic men and women. The series is full of Catholic tradition and is focused specifically towards Catholics. The program will hopefully expand to encompass all Christian faiths.

Can I subscribe to your newsletter even though I've not gone through the SacraMentor program?

Yes! Please fill out your information on the subscription page and we will put you on the mailing list. Easier yet, all the present and past newsletters are on this web site and they can easily be retrieved for your use.

Can the Book of Kindness II be given to non-SacraMentors? How can I obtain additional copies?

At this time the books are only available to those who have gone through the program and are distributed on the third Sunday meeting of the series. If you need a replacement book, contact us.

Due to my work schedule I cannot make the weekly meeting in my parish. Can I just "show up" at another parish for their meeting? Who would I contact to find out exactly where the meeting is held?

Yes! Parish meetings are open to all men and women who have gone through the program. It is more beneficial to you if you can go consistently to one group meeting as you will develop a relationship with the brothers and sisters in that group. Please visit the events page for a schedule of meeting times in all the parishes. A map of their location is available on our site also. Contact the community coordinator for further details about which meeting room is used in the parish. If his e-mail address is not furnished on the events page, you may contact the parish or us for information or a phone number.

What is the minimum age for a person to go through the SacraMentor program? I have a 16 year old son that I think would benefit from the program?

SacraMentors will be developing a youth program, and even a Family program. Currently the men's and women's programs are most suited to someone who is in at least their 20's. Most of the men and women attending are in their middle years, where they yearn to deepen their faith in God and improve their relationship with Jesus Christ.

A good friend of mine in the parish did not attend the SacraMentor training because he simply is having a very hard time financially and could not afford the registration fee. The parish did not provide any scholarships for the training that was held here. Is there any way he could attend a future session at a reduced cost or no cost?

Yes! Scholarships are available. We will not turn away anyone for lack of funds. if you are unable to afford the SacraMentors series fee, please mention it to the facilitator at the series you wish to attend. Currently the fee is $50, some of which may be paid for by your parish. This largely covers our operational costs for training.

Can you recommend any spiritual reading material?

Yes! Please visit the Library page. We have listed a number of books that the men and women have found helpful.

A friend handed me this page and I don't have e-mail. How can I contact you?

The Executive Director of SacraMentors can be contacted in writing at P.O. Box 64787 University Place, WA 98464. Fr. Bob Camuso can be contacted through St. Anne parish 1411 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98119. Please be respectful of his many time demands as an active parish priest as well as an active founder of the SacraMentors program. You can e-mail him at

Do you have any Flyers or handouts I could give to some friends who are interested in going to a series?

Yes! We have a brochure. It is a tri fold that you can download and print out. In its correct form, you need to punch out a 1" hole in the cover for the design on the second page to show through. The "punch out" is highlighted in gray. Download it now, it is in pdf (adobe reader format).