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SacraMentors Men's Program


Women's Program PSA

Fr. Bob Camuso & Denise Smith TV spot for the SacraMentors Women's Series

SacraMentors Training Series

The link below will introduce you to the subjects covered within a SacraMentor Training Series.  The Series Overview consists of nine indiviudal segements, each of which are hosted by SacraMentor Co-Founders, Fr. Bob Camuso and Lory Misel.  The purposes of these filmed segments are to be used as introduction to each of the talks given by the presenters of the program. 

Overview of the SacraMentors Program through the Training Series Videos

Promotional Video

This clip is an older promotional video which contains a glimpse into the SacraMentors weekly meetings with commentary by Fr. Bob Camuso and some SacraMentor participants. The meeting shown is of a men's group in Lacy, Washington, a portion of one of the men's groups that meets at St. Michael's parish. We hope that this clip gives you a flavor for SacraMentors and our weekly meetings.

Weekly Meeting Promotional Video


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