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SacraMentor Training Series

Who am I?

Our True Identity Comes from God Alone.  

Matthew 16:13-20

This talk is about fear – the fear that comes when we don’t know who we are. All fear is based on uncertainty, doubt and darkness. We are afraid of what we do not see or know. If we do not know ourselves, there will be uncertainty, doubt and darkness. Our uncertainty and doubt about ourselves leads us to fear. When we are afraid we often look to others to take our fear away. We do that by seeking their approval. We ask them in so many ways to tell us who we are. To tell us we’re okay. Other people will be happy to do that for us when it suits their needs. But why depend on them when only God can name us and give us our true identity?

The purpose of this talk is to demonstrate two truths:

(1) that most people do not know who they are; and

(2) that their true identity comes from God alone.

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