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SacraMentor Training Series

Letting Go Of Fear

There is only love or fear.  Love comes from God.  We create our fear.

This is a talk about the hidden dynamics of fear: Why it exists. How and why we become addicted to it. Why the solutions the world offers to overcome our fears do not work. How we cover our fear with anger and use this anger to create grudges to separate ourselves from others and from God.

"Letting Go of Fear" informs us that we only have one problem: the belief that we are separated from each other and from God. Herein lies all of the pain we experience in the world. Jesus came to give us the path, the way and His Gospel to reunite us with others that we might reunite ourselves with God.

This talk is to emphasize and demonstrate how we might:

(1) Come unto God as a child (Mt. 18:3).
(2) Join with our brothers/sisters by introducing the concept of “Prayer Partners.”
(2) Open ourselves to receive love and blessings from our Father.

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