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SacraMentor Training Series

Parent Wounds

Some of us here today had a healthy and positive relationship with our father/parents. You may be one of those persons. Your parents showed their love for you by being present to you when you needed them. They listened to you with their heart and not just their head. They let you know you mattered to them not just by what you might do to prove that, but for no other reason than that you were their child.

If you had such a relationship with your father/parents, this talk is not for you. Sit back and indulge the rest of us out of gratitude to God for the blessing you have been given. The rest of us need to talk about the wounds we received from our father/parents.

The goals of this talk are to:

(1) Discuss how many of us have been wounded by our fathers/parents;
(2) Examine the consequences of not receiving our parents’ unconditional love and acceptance; and
(3) Provide practical steps we can take to heal our father/parent wounds and those we may have inflicted upon our own children.

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