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SacraMentor Training Series

Forgiveness - Letting Go Of Grudges

The goal of this talk is to re-emphasize our one problem: the illusion that we are separated from the ever-present love of God. To remember who we are (a beloved child of God) and God’s ever-present love for us and our love for Him, we need to become as a child and join with each other to love and to bless. When we are willing to step forward in this joining, Christ joins with us and we are at one with Him and each other.

The one dynamic that interferes with our joining with others is called “grudges.” Because of our grudges towards others and ourselves, we are unwilling, and even unable, to extend our love, friendship, hope, faith and trust to others. When we are unwilling or unable to join with others, we cannot join with God.

Forgiveness and love are the lessons Christ came into the world to teach. It is through forgiveness and letting go of grudges that we discover who we are, unite with each other, remember the love we are and open ourselves to the love and grace of God.

The focus of this presentation is on how we collect grudges and use them to isolate ourselves.

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