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Vision and Purpose

SACRAMENTORS - A Process of Sanctification for Catholic Men and Women.

The word "sanctification" comes from the Latin, "making holy."

Sanctification is the transforming effect of divine love and presence in an individual’s spiritual, religious, and moral life. It renders to men God’s silent and constant presence. Only God is the cause of sanctification.

SacraMentors is an instrument for God’s sanctification. All people are infused with God’s sanctifying grace at their baptism. But many do not realize this grace is within, waiting to be activated. Through a unique process, SacraMentors helps men and women to activate God’s grace hidden within. The result of this process is the attainment of "habitual grace." Habitual grace is a radical vitalization of the human soul. This vitalization does not end when the four-week program ends. Men and women continue to grow in vital and habitual grace through the SacraMentor method, which is designed to help them to practice forgiveness, blessing, and service to God.

Our vision is to see the SacraMentor process made available to the Catholic Church in America. We see this happening through parish presentations made by men and women trained in the SacraMentors Method. The program was originally for men only but has since expanded to include women. There are both men's and women's programs available, each very similar but given separately.

Purpose and Mission Statement

The purpose of the SacraMentors movement is to provide men and women with small communities of other men and women, who will support and sustain them in their efforts to live a Christian life which calls them to forgive themselves and others, bless the world, and serve the Church. Our ultimate purpose is that when a SacraMentor reaches heaven, he will see his brothers and sisters there and realize that heaven is no different from all those sanctified and grace-filled moments he experienced on earth.

Website Mission Statement

The Mission statement of the new website is "To promote SacraMentors to the community at large, provide information about the SacraMentors organization, provide those who are looking for spiritual material with resources, and facilitate communication within the SacraMentors organization."