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WELCOME to the new SacraMentors web site ... we have been working on it in cognito for the last few months and hope you find its new look and feel, as well as it's new capabilities much more inviting.
- Blessings - the SacraMentors web team 5/12/04

We hope you will find your visit to this Web site fruitful. Please browse our web site. We have tried to make navigation as easy as possible with the fly-out type menu structure. Here is a brief description of the pages:

About Us: A brief description of SacraMentors with links to more information.

History: Articles written for the newsletter that describe how SacraMentors started.

Blessings Newsletter: Current and past newsletters and articles. The Newsletters are grouped by year of publication and those pages contain the article titles for you to peruse and enjoy. You may view the most recent Blessings Newsletters in Adobe Acrobat format if you prefer.

Inspirational Reading: Enjoy a collection of spiritual and inspirational readings.

Prayer Intentions: This page contains the requests for prayers by men and women in the program. Please visit this page and include them in your daily prayers.

Prayer: Some thoughts on prayer - including information on the Jesus prayer, the Rosary, Centering Prayer and the text of some common prayers.

Library: Contains information on some books that men in the program have found interesting and helpful on their spiritual journeys. Some personal book reviews are present. There is also a Bible software review page and links to other web sites.

Reflections: Thoughts on the SacraMentors program, some statements of personal experience with the program, and observations on why the program works.

Events: This page contains the names of all the active SacraMentor parishes, community coordinators, as well as times and dates of upcoming presentations, retreats, and SacraMentums (community gathering). Maps to parishes are also available.

Search: This is the search page to find information on the site that might be of interest to you. It is a great tool to find the newsletter article you might be looking for.

Fr. Bob's Radio Show: (this link now goes to the new "Conversations with Father Bob Website"). This site contains a collection of some of the broadcasts by Fr. Bob Camuso (co-founder of SacraMentors) on KKAM 1150 AM Seattle. It is a weekly program in which he interviews individuals and groups whose lives and stories reflect God's presence. They are in mp3 format and may be downloaded for listening or you may stream the audio directly, provided your computer is set up to do so.

Participating Parishes: These are parishes that have had the SacraMentors programs presented to them. Here you can find contact information and meeting times.

The SacraMentors Logo: This is an interactive presentation of the Logo in the upper left portion of all the pages on our web site. Mary Anne Reynolds created it with a lot of thought and spiritual guidance. Simply hover your mouse over portions of the logo to learn the message behind it.

This web site has been redesigned and unveiled for Pentecost 2005 with the hope that the spirit may touch those who visit. Thank you for gracing this site with your presence.